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  • Download your updated 2016 Horse Health Declation form here
  • Updated Hendra Vaccination certificates to Liz Maxwell please [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

October 2016 Muster

Details of our next muster, Sunday 23rd October, 8am - 2pm. Informal Uniform.
At our next muster, we will be holding a One Day Event (ODE) Training Day. Our ODE consists of 3 separate phases: dressage, derby cross country and show jumping. The ODE requires a lot of assistance from parents – can parents please come prepared to help – all parents should have a turn calling for their rider in the dressage, pencilling in the dressage judge's car, rail stewarding for show jumping, and being a helper for cross country.
There will also be games and stockmans activities if there is spare time!!
We always have lots of fun on the day – its very inclusive and non-competitive. Even the youngest riders do a dressage test (parents are most welcome in the dressage arena), and get around the showjump and cross country courses. Parents should bring a lead rope if required, and wear joggers if they intend to run the cross country – it’s a fair way!!!
Here are the Classes for the day.
Class A: Jump 20 cm + Dressage - choose either PCAQ WalkTrot A or PCAQ Preliminary 1C
Class B: Jump 40 cm + Dressage - Choose either PCAQ Walk Trot A or PCAQ Preliminary 1C or PCAQ Novice 2B
Class C: Jump 60 cm + Dressage - Choose either PCAQ Preliminary 1C or PCAQ Novice 2B or PCAQ Elementary 3A
Class D: Jump 80 cm + Dressage - Choose either PCAQ Preliminary 1C or PCAQ Novice 2B or PCAQ Elementary 3A
Riders are required to nominate by email to help with organisation. Simply let us know the rider's name, selected jump height class and which dressage test you wish to do. Email these details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as you can. Email Sandy with any enquiries too.
Eg. Name: Jenny Rider, Class B (Jump 40cm), Dressage Test Prelim 1C
>>>> PLEASE NOMINATE BY 7pm Sunday 16th OCTOBER.
To get a copy of the PCAQ dressage test, download it from the PCAQ website. Go to, click onto "Resources", “Rule Books”,  then “Dressage Test Book 2014”. Print off whichever dressage test you need. Bring this test in a folder on the day so it can be called as required. Riders can start practising their dressage test now.
Hope to see lots of riders at this next muster.  Adults are most welcome.
(Muster co-ordinator)

October 2016 Update

October is here, its back to school, and another great month for riding!! Please note these dates in your diary....
Sunday 16th October - Zone Teams Sporting Challenge at Hendra Pony Club. See the PCAQ website, for more details.
Saturday 22nd October - Zone Teams Dressage Challenge at Southport Pony Club. Details at
Sunday 23rd October - our October muster which is traditionally an ODE training day with dressage, showjumping and cross country, with all members taking part. Our club prides itself on being inclusive and having fun - and there will be activities for all to take part in. More details out via separate email. Adult riders are encouraged to take part too!!
Fri 28th to Sunday 30th October - Zone Teams Showjumping Challenge at Nambour Showgrounds. Programme & Nom form  at
Hope to see lots of our riders there,
BHPC Instructors

New Bio Security Rules

The Biosecurity Act 2014 commenced on 1st July 2016 with some changes to Horse Owners responsibilities. Below is a link that may help you understand your obligations as horse owners.

Please be sure to use the new horse health declarations (HHD) download here as these are compliant with the Biosecurity Act's movement record keeping requirements (includes BHPC PIC number) at all musters.

PCAQ Performance Cards

Dear members,

Please note that ALL riding members (of all ages) who wish to compete in Official events in any of the disciplines, must now get a Performance card for each of those disciplines.

To do this:

1  go to the PCAQ website...
2  Find the tab on the left which says PCAQ forms (and click to open)...
3  A little down from the top is a form called '2016 Application to register a horse' (and click to open)..
4  Print off this form and complete ... (one for each horse)
5  If possible, get the club secretary to sign off, but otherwise they will still accept it if you need to get it in asap...
6  You need to pay $6 for each performance card you want (therefore up to $24 if wanting 4 cards)...
7  Send to PCAQ and they will process...

Phone number for assistance PCAQ office 32161255
You may be able to pay for it with your card...

If you are thinking of needing one, do it a.s.a.p. as it may take some time to get it into your hands.

Events will not allow you to compete without handing in your card, and you will not get your points without the card.

Upcoming Club Events

Sun 23rd Oct - Muster ODE format

Sun 20th Nov - Fancy Dress Muster

Fri 9th Dec - Bush Christmas

Jan 5, 6, 7 & 8 2017 - PCAQ Southport Seminar

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